Sentencing Guidelines Worksheet Changes, 2012

  • In November 2012, the MSCCSP began distribution of version 1.7 of the Maryland Sentencing Guidelines Worksheet.  Version 1.7 implemented the following changes: 
  • The MSCCSP revised the 50% of sentence announced field on the Maryland Sentencing Guidelines Worksheet to more clearly indicate that the field pertains to cases involving a crime of violence.  The language on the worksheet was amended from “50% of Sentence Announced” to “50% of Sentence Announced for COVs”.
  • This field is intended to capture whether or not there was an announcement regarding the mandatory serving of 50% of a sentence for violent offenses.  Pursuant to CP, §6-217, when a sentence of incarceration is given for a violent crime as defined in CS, §7-101 for which a defendant will be eligible for parole under CS, §7-301(c) or (d), the court shall state in open court the minimum time the defendant must serve before becoming eligible for parole and before becoming eligible for conditional release under mandatory supervision under CS, §7-501.