About MAGS

What is MAGS?

The Maryland Automated Guidelines System (MAGS) is a web-based application that permits electronic completion and submission of sentencing guidelines worksheets. MAGS presents the appropriate sentencing guidelines range based on the offense and offender characteristics. MAGS was designed to mimic the flow of the paper guidelines worksheet. The State’s Attorney’s Office or a Parole & Probation agent initiates the worksheet in MAGS. Defense attorneys have the ability to view, but not edit the initiated worksheet. MAGS creates a printable Portable Document Format (PDF) of the sentencing guidelines worksheet that can be presented at sentencing. The sentencing judge or his/her designee enters the appropriate sentence information and then electronically submits the completed worksheet.   

Benefits of MAGS

  • Simplifies sentencing guidelines calculation process
  • Reduces sentencing guidelines calculation errors
  • Improves accuracy and completeness of data
  • Provides more timely and accurate assessment of sentencing policy and practice
  • Provides a mechanism to monitor completion and submission of guidelines worksheets

Deployment Schedule

Designated start dates for each circuit court are identified in the proposed MAGS Deployment Schedule. MAGS should be utilized to initiate, edit, and submit ALL official guidelines worksheets from an individual circuit court for all cases sentenced from the designated start date moving forward.

Administrative Protocol

The Administrative Protocol provides detailed instructions regarding MAGS deployment for each circuit court .

Development and Implementation Timeline

MAGS began with a pilot project in the Montgomery County Circuit Court and was gradually deployed in the remaining jurisdictions. MAGS was deployed in the final circuit court in October 2019. A review of the history of MAGS is available in the Development and Implementation Timeline.