Guidelines Scoring Matrices

Person Offenses – also available in PDF
Drug Offenses – also available in PDF
Property Offenses – also available in PDF

Person Offenses

Offense Score Offender Score
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
1 P P P-3M 3M-1Y 3M-18M 3M-2Y 6M-2Y 1Y-3Y
2 P-6M P-1Y P-18M 3M-2Y 6M-3Y 1Y-5Y 18M-5Y 3Y-8Y
3 P-2Y P-2Y 6M-3Y 1Y-5Y 2Y-5Y 3Y-7Y 4Y-8Y 5Y-10Y
4 P-3Y 6M-4Y 1Y-5Y 2Y-5Y 3Y-7Y 4Y-8Y 5Y-10Y 5Y-12Y
5 3M-4Y 6M-5Y 1Y-6Y 2Y-7Y 3Y-8Y 4Y-10Y 6Y-12Y 8Y-15Y
6 1Y-6Y 2Y-7Y 3Y-8Y 4Y-9Y 5Y-10Y 7Y-12Y 8Y-13Y 10Y-20Y
7 3Y-8Y 4Y-9Y 5Y-10Y 6Y-12Y 7Y-13Y 9Y-14Y 10Y-15Y 12Y-20Y
8 4Y-9Y 5Y-10Y 5Y-12Y 7Y-13Y 8Y-15Y 10Y-18Y 12Y-20Y 15Y-25Y
9 5Y-10Y 7Y-13Y 8Y-15Y 10Y-15Y 12Y-18Y 15-25Y 18Y-30Y 20Y-30Y
10 10Y-18Y 10Y-21Y 12Y-25Y 15Y-25Y 15Y-30Y 18Y-30Y 20Y-35Y 20Y-L
11 12Y-20Y 15Y-25Y 18Y-25Y 20Y-30Y 20Y-30Y 25Y-35Y 25Y-40Y 25Y-L
12 15Y-25Y 18Y-25Y 18Y-30Y 20Y-35Y 20Y-35Y 25Y-40Y 25Y-L 25Y-L
13 20Y-30Y 25Y-35Y 25Y-40Y 25Y-L 25Y-L 30Y-L L L
14 20Y-L 25Y-L 28Y-L 30Y-L L L L L
15 25Y-L 30Y-L 35Y-L L L L L L

P=Probation, M=Months, Y=Years

Drug Offenses (revised 7/1/16)

Offense Seriousness Category Offender Score
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
VII P P P P-1M P-3M P-6M 3M-6M 6M-2Y
VI Available for future use. There are currently no seriousness category VI drug offenses.
V P-1M P-6M P-1Y 1M-1Y 2M-18M 3M-2Y 4M-3Y 6M-4Y
IV P-3M P-9M 1M-1Y 2M-18M 3M-2Y 4M-2.5Y 6M-3Y 8M-5Y
(Marijuana import 45 kilograms or more, and MDMA 750 grams
or more)
P-18M P-2Y 6M-2Y 1Y-4Y 2Y-6Y 3Y-8Y 4Y-12Y 10Y-20Y
(Non-marijuana and non-MDMA, Except Import)
6M-3Y 1Y-3Y 18M-4Y 3Y-7Y 4Y-8Y 5Y-10Y 7Y-14Y 12Y-20Y
(Non-marijuana and non-MDMA, Import)
1Y-4Y 2Y-5Y 3Y-6Y 4Y-7Y 5Y-8Y 6Y-10Y 8Y-15Y 15Y-25Y
II 20Y-24Y 22Y-26Y 24Y-28Y 26Y-30Y 28Y-32Y 30Y-36Y 32Y-37Y 35Y-40Y

P=Probation, M=Months, Y=Years

Property Offenses

Offender Score
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
VII P-1M P-3M 3M-9M 6M-1Y 9M-18M 1Y-2Y 1Y-3Y 3Y-5Y
VI P-3M P-6M 3M-1Y 6M-2Y 1Y-3Y 2Y-5Y 3Y-6Y 5Y-10Y
V P-6M P-1Y 3M-2Y 1Y-3Y 18M-5Y 3Y-7Y 4Y-8Y 8Y-15Y
IV P-1Y 3M-2Y 6M-3Y 1Y-4Y 18M-7Y 3Y-8Y 5Y-12Y 10Y-20Y
III P-2Y 6M-3Y 9M-5Y 1Y-5Y 2Y-8Y 3Y-10Y 7Y-15Y 15Y-30Y
II 2Y-5Y 3Y-7Y 5Y-8Y 5Y-10Y 8Y-15Y 10Y-18Y 12Y-20Y 15Y-40Y

P=Probation, M=Months, Y=Years