Sentencing Guidelines Worksheet Changes, 2005

Below are the changes to the worksheet made in 2005:

  • The field “Indigence Established,” a Yes/No question, was moved from the Victim Information section (in the lower left hand corner) to the top of the worksheet with other offender information such as race and type of representation.
  • In the Actual Sentence section, one new field was added. In response to House Bill 918 (2004), a field for the amount of “Economic Loss” was added. The individual completing the worksheet shall record in the designated space the dollar amount of the economic loss or mark “unknown amount” for all offenses involving theft and related crimes under Criminal Law Article, Title 7, or fraud and related crimes under Criminal Law Article, Title 8, Annotated Code of Maryland. The amount of economic loss equals the amount of restitution ordered by a circuit court judge or, if not ordered, the full amount of restitution that could have been ordered.