Guidelines E-News 2008

Guidelines E-News is a periodic report delivered electronically via email by the Maryland State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy. Guidelines E-News provides information on the system of voluntary guidelines for the State’s circuit courts and highlights changes to the guidelines.  It also reports on sentencing trends using data from the sentencing guidelines worksheets and provides useful information on worksheet submission.

2008 – Volume 3

Number Date Topics  
1 January MSCCSP Releases Updated Maryland Sentencing Guidelines Manual and Offense Table  (Effective January 2008)
2 July Revisions to the Guidelines Offense Table  (Effective July 1 2008)
3 September MSCCSP Revises Rule Concerning Use of PBJ in Calculation of Prior Adult Criminal Record  (Effective September 1 2008)
4 December Revisions to the Guidelines Offense Table  (Effective December 1 2008)