Procedures for Obtaining Information or Data from the Commission

The Maryland State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy (MSCCSP) welcomes interest in its activities and information resources. Since judicial use of the state’s sentencing guidelines system is voluntary, the MSCCSP and its staff do not provide advisory opinions or otherwise get involved in pending court cases. However, the MSCCSP does maintain this website as a comprehensive policy information resource for use by the public and state policymakers. Requests for routine data and information which are already available and/or accessible without substantial cost to the MSCCSP and its staff will be provided without charge upon request. Special requests for data and information requiring substantial staff time to produce may result in a fee. The person(s) and/or institution(s) requesting the information may be required to pay for the materials, processing, and staff time if more than two hours (under state law). The Commission staff asks that all requests be made on the MSCCSP Information Request Form which is available here. All requests may be forwarded to the MSCCSP for formal approval and/or exemptions from costs as necessary. The Commission’s Research Director, Stacy Skroban Najaka is the contact for all data and information requests or questions. Stacy can be reached at:301-403-2709 or via e-mail at