Sentencing Guidelines Worksheet Changes, 2007

Below are the changes to the worksheet made in 2007:

  • In December 2007, the MSCCSP began distribution of version 1.4 of the Maryland Sentencing Guidelines Worksheet.
  • The revised worksheet added a field for the State Identification (SID) number (see the additional field highlighted in yellow below). The SID number is a unique identifier issued by the CJIS Central Repository. An SID number is assigned to every individual who is arrested or otherwise acquires a criminal history record in Maryland, and is also used as an identifier in the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) management information systems. The SID number can be easily located on each page of the Maryland Rap Sheet above the offender’s name.
  • The MSCCSP is working to match sentencing data with corrections data maintained by the DPSCS. The ability to match an individual’s MSCCSP record to DPSCS data will be greatly increased by the collection of the SID number. This will permit the MSCCSP to estimate the impact of proposed sentencing policy changes on the correctional population.