The Maryland State Commission on Criminal Sentencing Policy (MSCCSP) is composed of 19 voting members, three of whom are ex-officio members. Each Commissioner is appointed to a four-year term.

Appointed by the Governor
Name Representation Jurisdiction
Hon. Brett. R. Wilson  Chair  Washington
Chief Douglas DeLeaver Law Enforcement Harford
Hon. Brian L. DeLeonardo State's Attorney Carroll
Richard A. Finci Criminal Defense Attorney Montgomery
Melinda C. Grenier Local Detention Centers Frederick
Brian D. Johnson, Ph.D. Criminal Justice Policy Expert  
Molly Knipe Victims' Advocacy Group Anne Arundel
William (Willy) E. Koutroumpis Public Anne Arundel
Lisa M. Spicknall-Horner Public Anne Arundel
Appointed by the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals of Maryland
Name Representation Jurisdiction 
Hon. James P. Salmon Appellate Courts Prince George's
Hon. Shannon E. Avery Circuit Court; MSCCSP Vice-Chair Baltimore City
Hon. Patrice E. Lewis District Court Prince George's
Appointed by the President of the Senate
Name Representation Jurisdiction 
Hon. Robert G. Cassilly Senator Harford
Hon. Delores G. Kelley Senator Baltimore County
Appointed by the Speaker of the House
Name Representation Jurisdiction 
Hon. Luke H. Clippinger Delegate Baltimore City
Hon. David Moon Delegate Montgomery County
Ex-Officio Members
Name Representation Jurisdiction
Hon. Brian E. Frosh Attorney General Statewide
Paul B. DeWolfe Public Defender Statewide
Robert L. Green Secretary of Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Statewide